The Story Behind


     What if you stumbled upon a magic lamp; you rubbed it, the Genie appeared; and he spoke to you: “Master, you can have any wishes you desire.” Instead of just three wishes, you can have as many wishes as you want. What if you can have anything you have ever dreamed of? What if you can live the life you’ve always wanted? Would you live a different life?


Meet The Writer

     Hi I’m KHIM. I’ve always wanted to become a blogger but I’m so caught up with the whole idea that maybe I won’t finish an entry, ma-wrong grammar pa ako, lose creative ideas, or baka mapahiya (embarassed) pa sa readers ko. See, I do have a lot of issues talaga.  Well honestly, I’m not confident writing in English but hell yeah, my blog talks about dreams. And part of my dream is to be able to speak my heart out to the world and make a difference.  I admit it really requires a lot of considerate efforts to start this website but I know it will be worth it.  IT WAS PASSION THAT LED ME HERE.  

     I’ve always been a firm believer in God, the Universe, the Divine Source Energy, the Creator, or whatever you may call this Greater Force above us all. I have always believed that God created us having the same god-like ability to manifest what we truly desire here on Earth. But as we grow, we develop limiting beliefs that often stop us in reaching our highest potential. By harnessing the Power within us – having the right mindset, the right attitude, it will give us the courage to build ambitious dreams, take actions, and find the right people that will eventually lead us to our goals.

     The Pursuer of Dreams started as a collection of entries I made to document my own ups and downs and a whole lot more rollercoaster ride   on how I go after each dream and live my best life. As I write my stories into each post, I came to realize that there are people out there who can benefit from these experiences. If I can show the World that life is  interestingly fun, challenging (yes, YOU do want a challenge!) and fulfilling while ticking off each item in my Bucket list, then I can inspire a lot of beautiful souls to pursue their dreams, fulfill their every desire, and live life with purpose and intention.

     So if there’s something in your life that you’ve always wanted to do, and you feel like you can’t and a lot of “what if’s” started to pop in your head, just let go of those things, and instead get started on your dreams NOW.


The Advocacy

      Today, The Pursuer Of Dreams continue to encourage the youth and (not-so-young) adults to recognize the Power within them and utilize this to design the life they want; to educate and inspire them to live their best lives with purpose, and help them find meaning and fulfillment in all they do, so they can share those gifts with the world.