Achieved 20/10 Vision at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic

Achieved 20/10 Vision at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic…

I tell you, this is really life-changing.

If you’re considering this, then give it a go! Though it is a bit pricey, nothing beats waking up in the morning, seeing every color and detail of life has to offer. It just felt surreal. The world has never been the same. Lol. But seriously, it is! No more glasses, contact lenses, solutions, blurriness, vertigo, nausea, etc. EEEEEEKKKK!~

Definitely, it’s not part of my plan. For the last 5 years, I was contented with my green doll-eyes graded lenses and an eyeliner! When I was in high school, glasses are considered high-fashioned. (As far as I’m concerned)

But while I was being assessed in the FA training school I’m currently enrolled, I was advised to get my visions corrected because most airlines prefer applicants having 20/20 vision. That time I was like “what the hell? where on Earth will I get money for this Lasek surgery? Lasek diba pang mga artista lang yon? Ansakit naman! Ganito ba kahirap abutin ang mga pangarap kooooo?!! Anyways, as the saying goes: Ask and You Shall Receive, Seek and You Shall Find… So to cut the story short, I was provided by God all the information, sources and all the possibilities.



It is the latest advanced laser eye surgery – blade-less and painless procedure.



I was referred by my training school to a World-renowned leader in Lasik and Aesthetic Medicine, Shinagawa. I went there last May 4, 2015 for my FREE CONSULTATION. Yes po walang bayad. Just set an appointment a day before. No walk-ins please. You will need to fill up a set of forms and then there will be series of eye tests. Please be aware you need someone to accompany you during this. Don’t go alone.

There this room wherein each patient is asked to sit and get their eye screened in each of those machines. After that, on the other side of the room, there is this wall wherein you need to recognize each symbol while wearing different graded lenses. Then, you will proceed in a very dark room full of weird machines again and let you look into those.

Right after screening, a nurse will give you an eye drop that dilates your eyes preparing you for another test with the surgeon himself. You need to wait for 30-60 minutes so your eyes are fully dilated. You’ll experience blurriness for an hour or two (so if you’re a commuter or driving on you’re way back home, it’ll be very inconvenient on your part. So please don’t go to the clinic alone, let someone drive for you)

So once you’re dilated, Dr. Dinglasan, the senior surgeon will check again your eyes and will read your result and will tell you what kind of Lasik surgery is suitable for you: PRK, Intralasek, Z-Lasik etc.

You must aim for Intralasek. Lol, because as far as money is concerned Intralasek is more affordable than Z-lasik which will cost you 100K-ish (please nobody wants to hear that huge kind of amount) plus it is bladeless and painless procedure compared to PRK that will give you tears and headaches for the whole week. In short, masakit yung PRK.




On May 25th, I went there with my mom. Again please don’t go there alone. We arrived at the clinic an hour before the operation. I was asked to sign in first and wait for a few minutes (maybe 15 minutes?) 


As my named was called and I was assisted by Ms. Sheena in a room full of Shinagawa’s skin care products wherein I could wash my face thoroughly and remove my make up.

After that, Ms. Sheena immediately left me in the waiting room. Two nurses came to orient me with the procedures, things to expect  during and after the operation. They hand me my post care kit, which includes:

  • 2 pcs. pain reliever tablets,
  • 2 eye drop medications (an anti-inflammatory and eye lubricant/ artificial tear for dry eyes),
  • micro-pore tape
  • non graded glasses for protection during waking hours, and
  • transparent eye patch as protection during sleeping hours

One nurse started to administer the eye drop anesthesia and she let me rest at the comfortable chair for full absorption. After 15-20 minutes, Dr. Dinglasan started to do the surgery in a cold operating room brrrrr~. It was a painless and very quick procedure. But to be honest, there were really some discomforts, not to mention how nervous I was that my knees were terribly shaking at that time.

I was fully awake and I could see in shadows of blurriness the tools they used on my eyes. And I was just there with the every “tud-tud-tud-tud” of my heart. Luckily, the atmosphere was very light and fun. Dr. Dinglasan assured me things will be fine. The nurses were having the usual conversation of their daily life encounters as if I wasn’t there lol. It was not serious like the usual surgery scene we saw on TV.



Right after the operation, I was still shaky. My eyes felt weird and teary. It was all in red. It wanted to close on its own. I was really tired but still manage to ask someone to take the team’s photo. MEHEHE~

Dr. Dinglasan checked again my eyes, congratulated me, and mentioned how beautiful and perfect it is. Hahaha! The nurses administered anesthesia again before I left the clinic.


DO’s and DON’Ts

  • Anti-inflammatory eye drop medication every 3 hours (first 24 hours) then drop it to 4x a day for the next 7 days; take 1 tablet painkiller when needed
  • Wear protective glasses for 7 days (waking hours); eye patch (sleeping hours)
  • No washing of face for the next 24-hours; You can wipe your face but not touching the eyes
  • Avoid water on the face and eye area
  • Avoid rubbing and touching your eyes (Please!)
  • NO makeup for 7 days; skin regimen may be continued but still not touching the eye area

Going home, we took a cab. From Makati to Marikina was definitely a long drive. I started to feel a burning sensation in my eyes maybe because the anesthesia started to wear off. My eyes also started to be sensitive to the lights so I just kept it close. When I got home, I ate my lunch and took pain killers before the pain gets worst. I just took a nap, sleep it off and eventually, the pain went away.




I went back to the clinic for the eye checkup and went through some of the machines again to test the grade of my eyes…. AAAAND BEHOOOOLD my eyes are now 20/10! Even better than 20/20 vision!

And now at my first week, I’ve never been so alive. I am a very visual person and seeing life in more vibrant colors and details is REALLY life-changing!  Oh diba paulit-ulit! LIFE CHANGING kasi talaga! Ansayaaaaa! 



WANT DISCOUNTS? PROMOS? Or if you have other inquiries, ASK ME! I would really love to help and hear from you!

Drop me comments below, or you can email me or you can also text me 09272395171




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