Become Your Own Boss ft. BOXED BLOSSOMS

Are you ready to become your own boss?

Indeed, we are all social creatures seeking for inspiration. In being our own boss, it is our responsibility to find someone who we can relate to and ask for some advice, someone who can motivate and spark the idea buried within us. 

I’m someone who craves mentorship and really values the guidance and support of others who’ve #BeenThereDoneThat. And since not all have access to mentorship, it is nice to have someone we can look up to (even just admiring them from afar – Well, thank God for technology) and will inspire us to reach our full potential.

And so, for this month’s post, I’m sharing Ms. Jem’s story on how she was able to pursue her dream of starting her business and being her own boss while she flies (for the flag) fulltime.

Jem Tinsay is one of my seniors during my highschool days. I’ve always admired her. She has beauty, brains, and just about the best personality. Not to mention, she is a flight attendant living her dreams.

But far from what most people knew, she too had gone through a quarter-life crisis.

In 2015, just resigned from her first airline as a cabin crew, she decided to take that leap of faith. It wasn’t easy but she knew ever since that she has entrepreneur blood that runs through her.

She wanted to start on something she gets to call her own.

“I wanted to wedge myself permanently within the orbit of the business world. I knew someone who was in the floral industry for 30 years and helped me get a glimpse of the ins and outs of the business. From there, I wanted to create a new genre of floristry, the one I was inspired by my international travels as a Flight Attendant. I always believed that precious things come in boxes hence inspiring me to create luxury flower arrangements in boxes.”

And that’s how she started BOXED BLOSSOMS.

Behind the brand BOXED BLOSSOMS is a timeless elegant floristry, designed luxuriously for an extraordinary gift giving.

Boxed Blossoms offers real luxury long-lasting fleurs that will last for months/years in beautiful stylish suede boxes – arrangements that are handcrafted with uniqueness and sophistication.

Being exposed to different cultures abroad, she saw the impeccable flowers other countries have that we don’t grow here in the Philippines.

“I wanted to bring a new generation of floral arrangements in our country.”

When she was just starting, she had limited resources and had to start from scratch. Since she had no financial help from anyone, she had to further her research and do it while working on a limited budget.

“The problem when you’re just a start-up and your competitors are well-funded, you get overwhelmed. Instead of sulking in the corner, I attacked my Goliath by using a different approach and trusted my skills. Also, accepting my weaknesses helped me do the right thing— I looked for skilled people to help me. Eventually, the brand catapulted as a result of our consistency.”



Her 3 major tips for every #thepursuerofdreams out there:

  • Your feelings of doubt and fear are valid but don’t dwell on them. Overcome them!
  • Focus on yourself and detach from toxic people. This is crucial for your success. The right circle will help you achieve your goals. If they don’t support or pull you down, those are not your people.
  • Consistency beats talent. You have to have conviction and commitment. Always pray and work smart. This formula will score you millions.


As simple as it may seem, being a flight attendant already provided her satisfaction. Having a dream career wherein she can travel the world while fulfilling her life’s purpose is already more than she can ever wish for. But this didn’t stop her from dreaming bigger.

Jem’s goal is to enjoy time rather than be enslaved by it, and the level of financial freedom she seeks is only achievable by becoming her own boss.

“I also aim to be financially independent and not rely on my parents’ nor my future husband’s money. Having my own business also enables me to inspire people and create job opportunities that will provide people their source of living.”


These days, it’s pretty normal for people to hold a full-time job while juggling different projects on the side. And yet, despite that, many of us are still “stuck” in 9-5 desk jobs, overworked, not appreciated, and often underpaid – with savings accounts that just enough to get by.

Becoming your own boss is hard work and would take a lot of time and energy. Managing your own business will challenge you personally and professionally, but it also comes with many benefits.

Whether you need extra cash for paying rent, building up an emergency fund, or means to showcase your talent and do your purpose; Whatever your reason for becoming your own boss, it is for sure deeply rewarding not just for your finances, but also for your career growth, and personal development.



Ask yourself these questions: “What am I good at?” and “What do I enjoy doing?”
Maybe you’re an expert on plant propagation, maybe you have a great amount of patience for teaching kids, or maybe you have an eye for vintage clothes. Whatever it is you’re good at, and it is something you enjoy, then find a way to get paid for it.


And so, let’s end this post with a quote from the original #Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso:

“Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.”




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