Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Currently, I’m facing a very challenging situation – which, by the way, I CHOOSE to be in. Don’t worry I’m good and very healthy – just stretched beyond what I (my wallet hahaha huhuhu) can handle.


Well sometimes you just gotta force yourself to leave your safe routine and do things outside of your comfort zone.


Today I will discuss why you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.




My favorite crossroad: A very personal story

Three years ago, life could have been so easy and linear. I could be in Marikina, living comfortably with my family and fur baby “Maple” in a nice 3-storey duplex house, with high-speed internet, unli-Netflix, food on the table and surrounded with all the love and warmth from my parents and sisters.


I won’t lie: That time, my family was the only thing I have. They were my strength as well as my weakness. I messed up too many times, and they would always be there to come rescue me. I never felt truly secure about myself that I would always consult with them about my decisions, goals, and even the smallest details of my life. Not to mention, I was jobless and broke that I became dependent on them.


Sure, no family is perfect. Their overprotective nature finally crossed the line that left me with no room to breathe.


I wanted to be free.  And so, I left.


I just have one big suitcase with me and my dreams.



I was damn scared. But deep in the very recesses of my heart, I’m so relieved. I know and trust the process that everything will work out for the best. I wanted to rediscover myself. And be a part of something bigger. I wanted to live independently, doing things in my own phase, working on my passion projects, and without relatives nagging me of where I should be, and who I should become.


And that’s how I ended up in my cute tiny apartment (which I got lots of compliments whenever I post it in my IG stories hehe), living independently YAAAY, having a job I love/ care about, doing my passion projects and writing contents for you guys. 😊 ♥


… And that’s also how I ended up with monthly rent, bills, heartaches, unli-anxiety and occasionally crying in the shower. HUHUHU HAHAHAHA


Again, this was by choice, GINUSTO KO TO! It’s freakingly uncomfortable (especially back when I was just starting). But then I was able to prove to myself that the only time I can actually grow is when I’m outside of my comfort zone.

Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


With a monthly salary of only @%$#%**, paying !$%$#%^%$&** for rent and driven by survival mode and sheer necessity, THAT I started becoming intentional about how I spend money. I had to. Or else, I wouldn’t know where room I’d be waking up the next month! – buti kung may room pa, paano kung wala? (such the extreme huh?!!! But yeah really!)  I plan things – budgeting and literally tracking every single peso I spend. Hello @MoneyLover App


Not only did this crossroad help me rediscover myself and the things I was truly passionate about, but it also taught me SO MUCH about being able to take full responsibility for my life.


It taught me how to manage my money, live way within my means, get focused on my goals, be open to all opportunities, and most importantly, never take anything for granted, and be grateful for every single thing that came my way.


I’ve noticed that from Level 5 person I was 3 years ago, I become a Level 7.8 charot. I never thought I was able to surpass all those unfortunate events but here I’m now – what didn’t kill me just made me stronger, wiser, and more responsible! YAAAASSS! When I decided to break out from my comfort zone, I was able to capture a new world – a world of endless opportunities. A WORLD OF ABUNDANCE.


And so, until now, every time I get scared, worried, and uncomfortable, I tap my back, congratulate myself, and say:


“I AM GROWING.  I was able to live through those “horror”, I can take the next…the next… and the next best/worst thing that comes along. There’s really nothing I can’t face this time.”


So, if you want to level up your game, you must break through your comfort zone and practice doing uncomfortable things. Don’t let your fears/ anxiety prevent you from doing what you truly want. Do what scares you! Seek out situations to challenge yourself. Something amazing is waiting for you on the other side… See you there!


Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is there anything that keeps me up all night – something that I can’t stop thinking about?
  2. Is there an area in my life where I’ve been kinda wanting to change or challenge myself more, but have been feeling a bit scared or hesitant (or just plain procrastinating) about?
  3. Which comfort zone do I want to break out of?
  4. What’s stopping me from a life I’ve always wanted to have?







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2 thoughts on “Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

  1. Superb my dear…The first time I saw this woman, was a shy gal, suddenly asked her for quite small talk…we met in a recruit drive were all girls dream to fly and be up in the air…but now as i saw her soaring as i witness her social affairs became more independent, outgrew to a beautiful one, empowered, very different woman to where she was now 4 years ago…Proud of you gal..Love XOXO

  2. Very inspiring. I know Kim from the office and she makes everyone’s lighter by her greetings and beautiful smiles. Reading this blog not only inspires me but also motivates me to level up. Keep it up, Khimmy! Stay gorgeous aand keep on fighting!

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