Live For the NOW and Be Thankful

Hellooooo! As usual, I’ve read my prediction for this year of the Monkey and guess what? I have great year ahead of me daw, way better than last year (which means mas maganda ang pasok ng pera๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฐ) LOL I’m super excited for this year! It says there that everything I ever wanted will materialize! FINALLY!!!

Lot of things happened last year, unexpected yet very exciting events. Overall, last year is one of the amazing years of my life. There had been too many ups and downs but everything had been beneficial on my part. I met a great number of wonderful and challenging people who contributed on polishing the newest version of Khim Caballes. I’m thankful po talaga for all of these. It may not be okay on other people’s perspective but I can proudly say that I’m very grateful for all of these challenges. From these experiences, I’ve realized how worthy I am as a person and how I deserved to be loved. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am way better than before and I’m super proud of myself and what I have accomplished. I gained a lot of wisdom. I never knew there could be a lot of things to happen in a year! WOW! But most of all, I learned to forgive. I learned not to expect too much from people – to let them love you the way they know how and not the way you want them to. I learned to love unconditionally – even if it takes too much heartbreak. Ilang beses din akong nasaktan. Paulit ulit pero I still believe in LOVE. Love is the greatest force in the Universe. It is the most wonderful feeling a human could ever experience. Masarap magmahal. Wag tayo mapapagod. Don’t ever give up on love. It’s all worth the wait. โค

This year, let’s focus on what’s important. Let’s do our fair share in living life with honor and being of service to others. We are capable of doing great things. Lets live life every single day and always be present in every moment. Never give up on your hopes and dreams. Hold the vision and trust the process. God is rooting for us! Live for the NOW and be thankful ๐Ÿ™‚



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Khim here. 20ish wood fairy and part-time mermaid. Iโ€™m writing just for fun but aiming to inspire countless beautiful souls.

I am lover of life and a dreamer. I dream and I make it happen.x

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