Ready! Set.. Fly? My Life After ICATS

So what happens after attending a flight attendant training school? Well, I got a lot of inquiries and pms in my FB, and Instagram so I decided to share my unbiased review on ICATS and opinions about attending FA training schools in general.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own and based on my personal experience. I intend no harm to the organization/ training schools in general. I just want to provide insights to those people who are willing to invest to themselves – to be able to achieve their dream career. This blog contains everything you need to know before considering to enroll to a Flight Attendant Training School.


I was a student of ICATS (International Cabin Attendant Training School) Batch 37, last June – July 2015. I am blessed enough to be the Top 3 of my class. It was one of the best times of my life. I would say that I had a very distinctive kind of education that has shaped me the way that I am now. Whenever friends asked me: “Kamusta ICATS mo, anong meron dun?” I will always reply: Girl, iba talaga! Iba yung “feel.” Andun yung word na “PAMILYA”. We have a spirit truly unlike any other. We pride ourselves on our commitment to learning, and character building. Makikita mo talaga yung “TULUNGAN” I’ve mentioned this in my graduation speech. But what happens after ICATS? Here, I give you the untold story:

  • Not all students get the job!

Definitely, you must be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Job Assistance with ICATS/ FA Schools, in general, is not Job Assurance. Know the difference!

Way back 2 years ago, I was a front desk associate at one condominium owned by Shangri La Properties. I had a decent job but I wanted more. I want more adventure! It was always been a dream for me to become a flight attendant. Then I came across with this idea that I must enroll myself to a FA school because I’m 100% sure that I will get my dream job. So I discussed this plan with my family and they’ve been very supportive. I resigned..and there behold! I saw a vision of myself at the airport, wearing the sexiest FA uniform with my hand clasped around the handlebar of the stroller bag behind me.

Well I should’ve known.

Like you, I was too excited! Surely, ICATS graduates know it all! We’re very much equipped by the knowledge imparted to us by our competent instructors but training doesn’t guarantee that airline companies will prefer us over someone who doesn’t have any background at all. That’s reality!

  • Not all students are FA-material

This may hurt a lot but seriously, let’s face it! We all know the MINIMUM qualifying requirements in the Airline Industry but why give false hopes on these kids if we all know that physically, mentally, emotionally, that this career aren’t for them? Schools such as ICATS should’ve been more transparent. If applicants didn’t pass the requirements, they shouldn’t been admitted in the first place. I mean, PHP 50K-ish (tuition fee + manual + uniforms + etc) is no joke, right? So why even set a requirement if it can’t be followed?

ICATS Requirements:

  1. Age 18 to 30 years old male or female
  2. Weight must be proportionate to height
    • Male must be a minimum of 5’6”
    • Female must be a minimum of 5’2” (able to reach 212cm on tip toe)
  3. At least High School Graduate
  4. Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements
  5. No visible marks/tattoos
  6. Must possess positive attitude and empathy for others
  7. Must be good in communication skills
  8. Must have a 20/ 20 vision.


  • Training School’s “Success Stories”

All the success stories posted in the ads, FB page, Instagram doesn’t mean that job assistance provided by the school had been successful. It’s not really the school but your OWN perseverance, attitude, confidence and your overall package – these are what will land you the job! I know a lot of ICATS graduates who didn’t undergo the job assistance but still able to get the job.


Again, FA Training doesn’t guarantee you the job. Attend to the minimum requirements first. I suggest you take self-evaluation. If you really want to become an FA, determine first your strengths and weaknesses. Know your issues. If you’re undergrad, you may want to go back to school and finish your studies. If you think you lack confidence and communication skills, then it’s better to enroll in a speech class such as Speech Power. If you are in doubt with your physical features (which is a huge factor for front liners in this industry), you may want to invest on a makeup course, invest on a good derma session for a vibrant glow of face and skin and get rid of those unwanted moles and scars. You may also want to invest in time and money to achieve your desired weight that’s proportioned to your height. And as for the height, go for a lot of stretching! It works! 😉


So what happens after ICATS? As for me, It’s been 9 months and I’m still here, holding on to that vision I saw years ago. You can’t really rely on to the Job Assistance alone (how I wish I can tell that straight at my parents’ face and not get disappointed). You have to work hard and be smart to get the FA Career. This includes a lot of discipline and “practice! practice! practice!”. Often times you’ll face a lot of rejections but you have to keep going! It’s your attitude that will let you stay in the game. If you have the money to splurge, well go ahead and enroll in your preferred FA Training Schools. But if you’re just a normal young adult who wants to weigh things first, you may want to take the alternate route – which is to be specific! Invest in your issues first (and not the training school) so as not to double up your expenses!

Again, I have nothing against the organization. I, for sure enjoyed my stay in ICATS. All the employees there has been a family to me. I met wonderful people and gained networks. My batchmates are like sisters to me! I’m just here to help. Thanks for reading! Comments and violent reactions are very much appreciated. Haha! I can be reached anytime at 09272395171. Email me at

I hope this blog has been very informative. Until next time!


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Khim here. 20ish wood fairy and part-time mermaid. I’m writing just for fun but aiming to inspire countless beautiful souls.

I am lover of life and a dreamer. I dream and I make it happen.x

22 thoughts on “Ready! Set.. Fly? My Life After ICATS

  1. Hello! I’m also a graduate of a flight attendant school and I 100% agree with everything that you have written on this blog post! Enrolling yourself to a FA school is not a guarantee that you will get the job. Wala naman akong regrets dahil nakilala ko ang mga classmates ko and very helpful ang Interview Essentials na module pero minsan naiisip ko na sana tinago ko nalang ang pera kasi may kamahalan din ang tuition. It would be better for aspiring flight attendants to gain customer service experience (hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail).

    1. thank you so much MA, yes definitely! Working experience din (I forgot to mention that haha!) Basta guys, keep investing on yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally. Basta fight fight fight! 😛

  2. Hi Khim! Ditto 🙂 I used to fly with one of the middle eastern airline (qr). Lahat ng batch mates ko did not attend any flight attendant school. 4 of them did not graduate college but reached until 3rd or 4th year ata, but that did not stop them para maging flight attendant. I remember my instructor sa service namin dati, she said na most airlines prefer na mag hire ng walang knowledge (not necessarily na walang alam sa kahit ano, nung time namin 21 pwede na.) kasi pag natanggap ka na, every airlines may iba ibang standards yan sa training. I super agree on what you wrote na you should know your weaknesses. Ang importante is how you present yourself, you need to have a strong communication skills. Confidence is important pero wag sumobra. Nung assessment namin madaming crew from pal and cebu pac na nag apply, but none of them got through after the first round. You also need luck, in my opinion kapag gusto ka ng nag a assess syo you’ll get in. SMILE lang parati 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing, I’m planning to enroll at ICATS but then I read your blog and comments.. I came up wanting to invest first on myself rather than enrolling myself to a FA school that is expensive.. you guys boosted my confidence to be more eager and a goal digger. I gain a lot of infos and knowledge on how to be successful to commit our very own dreams. 🙂

  4. Hi! Do you know of any male FA who is just 5’5 in height? I am only 5’5 but I really want to be an FA.. Is there any chance in this industry for me? Thanks a lot..

    1. Hi Nelson. Thank you for reading my blog. As far as I know, 5’7″ ang minimum height for men. Pero since its 2017 na, it can vary na depending on the airline you are applying. Just keep going. We will never know until we try. 🙂

  5. Hello! I just want to know if how many days of studying/training if i decide to go to icats? Is it like college or just a short period of time? thank you po 🙂

  6. Hi, I just wanna thank you for this post.

    I am a senior in my school as of now and will be graduating HS by next year. CETs is fast approaching, a lot of things came across my mind and the feeling of lost just by thinking of what’s next after HS is not the easiest to handle.I have thought of not going to college and enroll to an FA school instead: since it has always been my dream to become a FA. However after reading this, things were very much clear to me now. I owe this to you! I decided to go to college instead of risking my future the possibilty na walang namang kasiguraduhan. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Sophia. Thank you for reading my blog. Siguro, better go for college muna. Im sure if you really want this dream, i know you will eventually get it. Basta you need College first. Very important factor yun 🙂

  7. Hi po ! I just wanna ask if may chance po ba na makukuha akong FA even though I dont have any work experience coz I’m just a fresh grad (college) Bachelor of Secondary Education po kinuha ko and mapapataas po ba ang chances ko na makuha kapag graduated with honor ? Ilang percent po kaya ? 😊 frustrated FA here ! 😁✋

    1. Hi Camz, it doesnt matter if may experience ka or wala or if with honor. What matters most is you have the complete package (beauty + brain + confidence) Try mo sis! We will never know until we try 🙂

  8. Hi khim
    Thank you for inspiring i was planning that aswell but you made me change my mind. By the after a long have get the after all. Thank you God bless

    1. Hi. I am one of the aspirants as Flight Attendant. I actually planned enrolling to ICATS. I passed the assessment. I am 5″5 tall, white and fair skin. Actually ang concern lang sakin is my teeth na should be alligned that’s why I need braces. Howcome na nasabi mong 9 months na hindi ka pa din FA? May problem ba sa naging assessment mo? Anong concern ng airlines sayo kaya hindi ka na-hahire? Thank you in advance for your response

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