The Waiting Game

I got lots of comments, FB messages, emails, asking me where am I now, what are my plans, or any updates about my FA-career pursuit. Well, I guess, just like most of you here, who also prefer yourself “the pursuer of dreams”, would want to know what the “other” person would do if they were in the same situation as yours.

So here you go: Right now, I’m working in an international company that shares the same vision as mine. It is a career that I can be proud of. A job that is aligned with my purpose, has a positive working environment, composed of high morale employees who are experts in their field, and definitely, this is a “well-compensated job”. What more can I ask for? I’m in love with it. I’m very happy with what my life turned out.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not giving up my FA dream! Never~

When it comes to our goals and our dreams, we expect things to happen in an instant! And when they don’t show up when we want it or the way that we expect it, we then doubt ourselves and think we don’t have what it takes.

But before we throw tantrums, get depressed, lock ourselves up and let our inner monster creeps in and tell us that we’re not good enough, let me tell you first about the universal law that’s playing here.

It’s called the Law of Gestation. It basically means that there is a natural order to things and we have to learn how to respect and honor this process – The Waiting Game


It just a matter of perfect timing! Eggs will take three weeks before it hatches. There is timing in everything.

But some may misinterpret this and will LITERALLY just wait for their luck to come their way.

You need to do things that will lead you to your goal while you wait for that golden opportunity.

My point is that: Live the life you want TODAY! Life goes on even if you don’t have your dream career yet.

Maximize the time you have. Not all have the luxury of time to do self-evaluation. Take this as your advantage. Write down your goal/s on a piece of paper. Think of what ways you can move closer to that goal. How crazy, small, or big ideas it may seem, never disregard it. Just keep taking down notes. Yes, just keep swimming!

Take my experience as an example: I’ve been rejected many times in the airline industry. They (recruiters) told me that I should do something about my scar or else I should just give up on my dream. Well, definitely I am no beauty-queen material. I have issues with my skin, teeth, bone structures, etc. Hell! No one is perfect! ~

I told myself: If this is what prevented me to get into this career, I need to do something about it. It may take time, effort, (and money) but I know it will be all worth it.

Currently, I have my dental braces that would take 2 years of treatment. This will align my teeth and give me that perfect smile and a more defined facial structure. I am also undergoing fractional laser resurfacing to get rid of my deep facial scars (due to chickenpox argh!). And of course, I am living my life to the fullest.

While it can be hard to be patient and trust that things are unfolding when you can’t always see it, have faith in the process. Stay positive and hold on to your visions. It’s just a matter of time before it shows up.

But don’t get stuck on your dream, move forward, enjoy, and trust the process! 

I enjoy where I am at this point in my life. I know that this job will give me enough experience, skills, and connections that will help me get my FA career. This will also provide enough means for me to pay my bills and do my vanity maintenance.

You have to make each day a perfect timing. Get my point? Make every day counts.



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Khim here. 20ish wood fairy and part-time mermaid. I’m writing just for fun but aiming to inspire countless beautiful souls.

I am lover of life and a dreamer. I dream and I make it happen.x

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