Declutter To Monetize

Open-minded ka ba? Gustong kumita ng pera? Fear no more! Hahaha! This is legit money-making machine. Tunay ngang may pera sa basura! (There’s Cash In The Trash)

We’ll be having very important guests next week and my parents will be moving soon to the US that’s why I need the house to be as neat and organized as possible.. So I did some major house cleaning and decluttering. And what comes next to my mind? Guess what? Ofcourse! “It’s Money.” LOL!

So how to sell stuff and turn your trash into cash? Easy! Well, there could be some quick cash waiting for you at home without you realizing it!

From unworn clothes and unwanted gifts to old and broken gadgets, your home is probably full of items sitting around unused. And while they fill up your storerooms, they’re essentially worthless. But sell them on junk shops and you’ll have handy extra cash to get you through the day!

So here’s the estimated selling price list of lumang diyaryo, bote, bakal at baterya (old newspapers, bottles, metals, and batteries) from a local junk shop.




  • Bubog or crushed glass bottles from imported liquor, medicine or cosmetic bottles, including drinking glasses, are priced at P1 per kilo, if the bubog is colored, it is half-priced.
  • Cartons, paper and old newspapers, used cartons P3 per kilo, old newspapers P1 per kilo, white paper P5 per kilo.
  • Lata (tin), tansan (bottle caps), and food cans – P3 per kilo.
  • Plastics sibakin or hard plastic – P10 per kilo, white plastic bags – P5 per kilo, and PVC pipes – P3 per kilo.
  • Assorted metals – P7-8 per kilo, hard aluminum – P20 per kilo, aluminum jalousie – P45 per kilo, red copper – P300 per kilo, yellow copper – P250 per kilo (now you see why aluminum wires are stolen), aluminum pots P60 per kilo, stainless steel pots  P20 per kilo.
  • Bottles oy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, Nescafe bottles P1.50 per small, P2 per large bottle, softdrink bottles P2 per piece.
  • Alcoholic drink and medicine bottles and gallons “long neck and whiskey bottles“ P1.50 per piece, large Gilbey’s bottle P0.75 per piece, beer P1 per piece, Grande P2 per piece, garapa P0.50 per piece, one plastic gallon – P14-16 per piece, plastic bottle P12 per kilo.
  • Car batteries of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. is P150-400 per piece
  • Electronic wastes diskettes P8 per kilo, ink cartridges P100-300 per kilo, motherboards, telecom cards – P65 per kilo, old CPU complete unit P110 per unit


I earned P180 today, how about that? It’s not much but the idea of actually earning a few bucks and having a clutter-free home is something really worth the time and effort. Try it for yourself! You don’t want to go crazy over those piles of stuff in your home, right? Allow yourself some breathing room. Get rid of those unnecessary stuff and you might just accomplish both goals and earn you some money in the process. Clean up. Or. You’re out!

Thanks for reading! Comments and violent reactions are very much appreciated. Haha! I can be reached anytime at 09272395171. Email me at

I hope this blog has been very informative. Til next time!



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