Why DMCI Homes is the Best Home For You

Day 1. You hang in there, patiently waiting for the perfect ad in OLX that will come across your eyes… You’re there still in Page 4 clicking every ad. WTF!

Day 2. You preview properties near your workplace… Uhm yeah… units are quite decent but something isn’t feel right. Why does it feel as if something is missing?

Day 3. You go for a stroll at mall and there behold you see the scale model of the recent project of a famous developer who you’d been eyeing on all those giant billboards along EDSA. Wow! But wait… How could this be so dang expensive??

I know. I know. I feel you. That’s why I came up with this blog. You’re not alone in this fight! Getting a home doesn’t have to be a freaking pain in the ass. Here are some points to help you decide and act on that dream. Here is why DMCI Homes is your best option!

Disclaimer: Yeah fine, I work for DMCI Homes but I’m not paid to do this blog. I am at my 20s and considering to invest on a small apartment. We all want to have our own place, right? So this is me on a home hunter perspective (And hell yes, Im not being biased on this!)

My blog centers on life’s dreams and I genuinely believe that this blog will help a lot of people specially those who are on the hunt for their dream home. I don’t mind sharing few knowledge why I consider DMCI Homes as my best option.


1. IT’S BUDGET-FRIENDLY  – DMCI targets middle class (35% of Metro Manila’s population)

DMCI’s 2BR unit (on the average of 3.4M worth) is just a studio-type unit on most developers. All DMCI units have larger cuts (32-36sqm for 1BR, 65 sqm for 2br, 85-105 sqm 3BR)… Try finding it out for yourself!


Okay so you ask why it is freaking affordable? It’s because DMCI Project Developers Inc. is an ALL-IN COMPANY. Meaning, it’s composed of ALL construction businesses. They dont have to hire or outsource contractors, or find suppliers. As simple as that.

2. THE LOCATION – strategically located accessible/nearby to the commercial areas but not in the congested section of Metropolis.

Again, let me emphasize on that. “Accessible” and “Nearby” 


3.PRODUCT PORTFOLIO – The only developer who has 60 years of expertise. Omg!!! I, myself was surprised to learn this! DMCI is known as the “Builder of Landmarks” such as CCP, PICC, LRT2, Solaire, Sofitel, Manila Hotel, Shangrila Hotels, Glorietta 4, SM Malls, NAIA 1

Rest assured you’re getting the highest quality and the buildings will last a lifetime. And yes, take note on this too: DMCI Homes gives you lifetime ownership. So you can pass your property to your future grandchildren. Do other developers offer that? I dont think so.

4. DESIGN INNOVATION – “LUMIVENTT” Technology. “lumi” means light and “vent” means air. In every 5th floor, there is a 3-storey high openings on the building for maximize entry of natural light and ventillation so residents can savor practically ideal climate all year round. Cross ventilation is always ensured through incorporation of central garden atrium, single-loaded hallways, and 60:40 open space to building ratio. 60% for open space and just 40% for the building. Perfect for every nature-lovers out there.


This means healthier and cost efficient way to live! You just have to open your window and tada! Instant fresh crisp morning air from the garden and breezeways! The building literally “breathes”


5. GENUINE RESORT FEEL – All projects are resort-inspired theme. Lush landscaping and ground level amenities are prioritized to evoke a sense of resort arrival.



6.EXCEPTIONAL VALUE – You get more than what you pay for! LITERALLY! Price becomes a secondary concern when you realize the multiple advantages built into each projects: generous amenities like club house, basketball courts, sky gardens and parks, larger interiors, 24hr security teams, electric perimeter fences, etc.



Did I mention how many amenities? Omg 😱  Here’s the sample comparison (DMCI’s Verdon Parc vs projects from other Developers* All Davao Based)

DMCI’s Verdon Parc having the highest number amenities in a very minimal price. Again, you’re getting more than what you pay for! It’s worth every penny!

7. COMMUNITY LIFE – Beyond merely providing you with a home, beyond just giving you peace of mind, DMCI is committed to providing residents with thriving, living communities that grow with their needs and demands. These communities thrive convenient locations where you can just sit back, relax, and lead worry-free lives.


So there you go. I hope this blog has been informative. There so much more I wanted to share but I tried to keep it short (but sweet hehe) Comments are very much appreciated. For unit owners who come across this blog, I would love to hear your stories. Share some of your tips for us condo-hunters. Pretty please!

For other concerns and inquiries, I can be reached anytime at +639272395171 or email me at khimcaballes@gmail.com

At your service 24/7,


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I am lover of life and a dreamer. I dream and I make it happen.x

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